Muslim American Public Affairs Council

The Muslim American Public Affairs Council (MAPAC) is an organization that aims to lobby at all levels of government on behalf of our growing American Muslim community. 

Muslim American Public Affairs Council (MAPAC) BOT

MAPAC’s Vision for a Stronger Muslim Community

Empowering American Muslims through Advocacy and Unity.

MAPAC’s Role in Amplifying Muslim Perspectives

MAPAC recognizes the importance of amplifying Muslim perspectives in shaping policies and narratives that affect our community. Through targeted advocacy efforts and strategic partnerships, MAPAC ensures that the diverse voices within the American Muslim population are not only heard but also valued and acted upon.

Empowering Voices

By advocating for inclusive policies that uphold the rights and dignity of all individuals, regardless of their background or belief, MAPAC empowers Muslims to contribute meaningfully to society while fostering greater understanding and unity among all Americans.

Whether it’s addressing social justice issues, advocating for civil rights, or promoting religious freedom, MAPAC remains committed to amplifying the voices of American Muslims and advocating for a more equitable and inclusive society for all.

Community Engagement

From grassroots activism to nationwide campaigns, MAPAC mobilizes the community, empowering individuals to become active participants in the democratic process and effect positive change in their neighborhoods and beyond.

Elevating Diversity

Championing the rich diversity within the American Muslim community, MAPAC ensures that all voices are heard and represented in the national dialogue.

Advocating for Inclusivity

By advocating for policies that promote inclusivity and equality, MAPAC empowers Muslims from all backgrounds to participate fully in society.

Fostering Dialogue

Through community engagement and outreach programs, MAPAC fosters dialogue and understanding among Muslims and with broader society, creating spaces for mutual respect and collaboration.

MAPAC is a Political Action Committee (PAC). The goals of MAPAC are to:

  • Educate and encourage American Muslims to partake in the US political process.
  • Lobby Politicians at all levels within the US political system.
  • Enhance the political empowerment of American Muslims at all levels of the American political process
  • Educate American policy makers on issues of concern to Muslims and their impact on the local, national and global Muslim community.
  • Present Islamic tradition, values, history and culture.
  • Foster inter-religious and inter-ethnic understanding, interaction and cooperation for enhancing the common good and dignity of all human beings.
  • Strive for assurance of basic human rights of all Americans and of all Muslims.
  • Strive to eliminate in the American society any vestiges of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion or ethnicity. 

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